Drawing Tutorial 102: How to draw an Owl part 1

This week, Aidyn asked me to show her how to draw an Owl. So I set out to find a good image and stumbled upon this picture of a Barred Owl. Barred Owls are magnificent birds and can be seen and heard here in Tennessee. My family has seen these Owls several times in the wild. Actually, driving through a local neighborhood, one flew right in front of our car. We had to stop and take a closer look!

In this video, I go over the basic process of how to tackle drawing this subject. The tutorial is about 11 minutes long, so if you are wanting to watch it for the instruction, set a little time aside to watch and draw along with us!

I am attaching the source material at the bottom of the page again, so if you want to draw, you can print the picture off and draw with us.

If you or your child are drawing along with us, please snap a picture of the drawing and post it here on the comments, or tag me on Facebook or Instagram We would love to see! Next video, we will work on shading in the Owl.

(Hint: Set the video settings to HD in the lower right corner and go to full screen mode)

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Barred Owl (Source material copyright free photo taken by Richard Lee)

Barred Owl (Source material copyright free photo taken by Richard Lee)