Passionately Creating Art for a Lifetime.


Jonathan is a professional artist working in many fields of art including drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and carving. A graduate of Maryville College, he is devoted to pursuing a career as an artist. Jonathan’s passion lies in the intimate details that form a true likeness in oil portraits and the subtle lighting of rolling landscapes. His portraits show brilliant color and dramatic lighting that capture the personality and display the very soul of his subject in a unique masterpiece. His landscapes reveal his love for the outdoors developed by his many years of hiking the trails of the Great Smoky Mountains and other national parks across the country.

Art is a way of life. He married Sarah Atchley-Howe on a perfect first day of spring in March of 2010. Sarah manages Jonathan Howe Fine Art, and Jonathan and she live urban-artistically in the heart of Knoxville. Committed to merging art and his faith in Jesus Christ, he and Sarah are active in their local church, combining their talents for art and music and their heart to see others come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Other than their work, Jonathan and Sarah enjoy hospitality and taking care of their two daughters Aidyn and Susanna and their rambunctious little Maltipoo, Amber.

"I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of each human face and the story it tells. The work of portrature is never dull and each blank canvas is the opportunity for adventure and challenge---the challenge to freeze time, yet show personality and a glimpse into a person's world using color, light and texture. I feel as though I am just beginning to understand the full spectrum and depth of colors and the possibilities they hold. This desire to understand color and light is parallel to my desire to know the very One who created light and color and beauty. Thus, I seek to give Jesus the honor and glory in the art that He lets me create. I believe that drawing and painting with excellence and beauty is part of magnifying His work in creation."

Artistic Style

"I work primarily with oil paint on canvas. In order to achieve vibrant colors and dramatic lighting in my landscape paintings, I apply several layers of both thick paint and thin washes. Painting on surfaces as small as four by four inches to canvases exceeding six feet, I enjoy capturing the intimate and the dramatic scene. I often custom size and hand stretch my canvases to achieve unique compositions. In addition, the final presentation of the painting with a suitable harmonious frame is extremely important to me. I custom build large wooden frames for my original paintings with multiple finishes to achieve a rich aged appearance.

I have gained a great appreciation for the beauty of our country developed by my many years of hiking. I enjoy capturing the subtle charm of a hillside sunset or revealing the rugged beauty of a mountain top vista. 
I would classify my work as impressionistic realism. My primary goal is to capture the beauty and emotion that I experience studying the countryside, while maintaining a dynamic composition on my canvas that will hold your attention both from a distance and while viewing the work up close. I maintain a careful attention to how the surface of the painting will appear with a variation of texture and paint build-up depending upon the subject matter being captured. I want the viewer to enter the scene and yet at the same time delight in the skillful arraignment of colorful brush strokes."


Family Business


Jonathan Howe
Owner, Artist

Sarah Howe
Manager, Marketing 

Aidyn & Susanna