Honor those most precious to you.


Creating the perfect portrait for you and your family is what I do well. The process is simple and straight forward. My goal in any portrait is to capture the character of my subject with personality and a dynamic composition. An oil portrait stands apart from any photograph and honors the person shown in a deeper, more lasting way. From careful consideration of each person's personality to picking the perfect outfit, to selecting the perfect lighting, producing a portrait is a labor of love.   Hours and hours are poured into toiling over each brush stroke that combines to create a lasting masterpiece your family can be proud of. 



  • Meet and Greet. I want to learn as much as I can about who I will be painting. The more I understand who I am painting the more life I can infuse into the portrait. What kind of portrait fits your needs? Where will the painting hang? What size will the portrait be? At this first meeting we generally decide on where the painting will hang, what general color scene and clothing options for the portrait. From this meeting, a second meeting is scheduled for a photo shoot and sketch.

  • Photoshoot: Most people today have full schedules and I work with your schedule to take as little of your time as needed. I will take hundreds of photos and make a preliminary sketch from life.

  • Compositional Sketch: After reviewing all of the photos, I select ones that capture the character and will produce a beautiful painting. From these, I make a preliminary sketch for the clients approval. Once the compositional sketch is approved, the painting begins.

  • Painting: Using the finest materials of oil primed linen and time-proven, quality oil paint, I work until the soul of my subject jumps from the canvas.

  • Approval: 100% delight is my primary goal and I work with you to achieve your satisfaction in a beautiful likeness and compelling work of art.


  • Head and Shoulders Oil Portrait: $2,500

  • 3/4 Oil Portrait including Hands: $3,500

  • Full Body Oil Portrait: $5,000

  • Additional Person within the painting adds %50 of the original price.


  • Head and Shoulders Pencil/or Conté Portrait: $750

  • Head and Shoulders Monochrome Portrait: $1850

Oil Portraits 

 Pastel, Pencil, and Monochrome Portraits on Paper