Let me tell the story of your children through portraiture 

So... parenting really opens your eyes to a beautiful world. My wife Sarah and I are blessed with two beautiful vibrant little girls, Aidyn and Susanna. Aydin is now a creative, imaginative age three going on four, while Susanna is a persistent, explorative one going on two. They couldn't be more opposites in their personality. Aydin is the sweet, mild, artsy, creative, super-girly princess. Susanna is the never-ending, full of energy, exploration accident waiting to happen, headstrong, brave, determined, fearless leader. 

Aidyn Esther Howe at age 1

Susanna Joy Howe at age 1

The simplicity and wonder that both girls approach life fuels my own imagination to once again dream and look at the world with fresh eyes. Though both my girls posses a simple trust of their mommy and daddy, they are most definitely made with very unique personalities which give a foreshadowing of their God given destinies. These two simple portrait sketches convey very well our two girls. Aydin is all wide eyed in girly wonder; and Susanna has a twinge of mischief but possesses a deep and clever joy. 

The greatest king to ever walk the earth and my personal hero recognized that children possess something most of adults end up losing. Because He knew something profound resided in these little ones, he told his disciples who just didn't get it:  


Aidyn at two years old

The inquisitive, the curious, the trusting, the believing nature of little children is so tender and so precious that it is highly valued by the Creator of heaven and earth. And unless we sophisticated adults become like them, we can't even tap into the riches of heaven. 

So, What is PROJECT Child-Likeness?

I want to help tell the story of your child through portraiture by doing a series of Oil Portraits (hopefully at least 24 kids) to celebrate Child-Likeness. When all the portraits are completed, we will host a gallery show opening in Knoxville to display all 24 child portraits. 

How it Works:

  1. July Through August 31st We will run a huge discount on full color oil Child portrait for children 1-16 years old for Just $575. (normally my head and shoulders portraits are $2,500)   CLICK HERE To START
  2. You receive a free One hour photo session from me to capture one of a kind images of your child.
  3. I get to work creating a unique, expressive portrait of your child. Each portrait will be a full color Head and Shoulders oil portrait on an 18x18 canvas. 
  4. You receive your treasured portrait of you child.
  5. I will give you a heads up on when we will have a gallery showing of all the portraits and request to borrow the portrait for One to Two week period for the portraits to show in a public gallery here in Knoxville.